Friday, September 25, 2009

BEAR cam makes it to Near space heights and sends back video!

The guys over at BEAR (Balloon Experiments with Amateur Radio) have released a really interesting video. They placed a camera in a box with radio controls and hooked it up to a large balloon...then they let it go.

The balloon makes it to heights over 100,000 ft. That's roughly 75+ miles, clear into the edge of space. What happens then? You'll have to watch and see.

Excerpt from the BEAR homepage:

"Near space is within the Stratosphere and Ozone layers, from 75,000 feet to the beginning of space at 62.5 miles. The earth's curvature and thin blue layer of atmosphere hugging the earth can easily be seen from here and at 117,000 ft. the horizon is at 460 miles, rather then only 2-3 miles when standing at ground level, and the air pressure is less then 1% of that at sea level. With so little atmosphere there is no filtering of cosmic rays or ultraviolet light, blue sun light is not scattered, the sky is inky black, stars are visible and there's no weather, so always bright and sunny, but very cold at -60 to -90 degrees Fahrenheit."

Visit their homepage:

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