Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nasa plans on bombing the moon!?!

This Friday NASA is preparing to bomb the moon...yes, you heard me correctly. NASA is going to bomb the moon, and to top that, they are going to broadcast it live.

The impact will be so powerful that it will eject a huge plume of debris that can be seen on Earth. NASA plans to air the whole event starting at 6:15 am EDT on Oct.9th on NASA TV www.nasa.gov. A Centaur missile will hit a crater close to the southern pole at twice the speed of a bullet.

Does this sound OK to any of you? Who really thinks that bombing the moon is a good idea? You know, every day I read something that makes me think the world has lost its mind.

I understand that there may be water and/or other (rare) elements etc... on the moon, but this just seems bizarre. If there is a God this is sure to be one of those self-exalting human moments of stupidity that is sure to raise a heavenly eyebrow.

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