Saturday, January 23, 2010

Headline: Observing Alert: Possible Nova in Ophichus

Are you ready for some excitement that won't take an observatory telescope to spot? Then get out your binoculars, because according to CBET 2128 there's a new object showing its stuff off in the constellation Ophiuchus...

Released by A. Henden in AAVSO Special Notice #187: "CBET 2128 indicates that Hideo Nishimura has discovered a new outbursting object in Ophiuchus. This object has magnitude 8.4 on Jan 15.857UT, and is located at RA 17:39:40.94 DEC -21:39:47.9 J2000. No spectra have been reported, but K. Kadota has inspected the 1997 DSS red plate and finds no object at this position, with a limiting magnitude of 20. This object has now been added to VSX. You may submit observations as N Oph 2010, VSX J173940.9-213947, or with AUID 000-BJS-899. Note that there is a 10.3 magnitude irregular variable a few arcmin west of this position, so do not use it as a comparison star."

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