Monday, September 6, 2010

Near Earth Asteroid within .2 LD and Falling Meteors in Columbia

Recently we have begun to see just how active our solar system can be! Watching Jupiter and Venus get hit should awaken our senses to our own potentially perilous place in this very active Universe. And today I read this...

Now check this out:

Scroll down to the section called "Near Earth Asteroids". Now, you will
notice these:

2010 RX30
Sep 8 0.6LD 16 m

2010 RF12
Sep 8 0.2LD 10 m

The above two asteroids will be flying by us on the 8th. We JUST found out about them! The codes work like this: Date of fly-by, distance and size. For instance the first asteroid will fly by on Sept 8, it is at a distance of 0.6 lunar distances!!!!! The size is 16 meters. These are very, very close.

2003 UV11
Oct 30 5LD 595 m

look at this one due in October!!! 5LD and 595 meters...WOW

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